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Are you planning to revamp your pool? Although swimming pools are fantastic sources of aesthetics, they tend to wear out after some time. Thus, pool owners need to conduct several repairs in their pools over time. Nowadays, there is a broad spectrum of pool renovation services offered by different pool companies. Each of these services caters to a wide range of customer wants. If you live in San Diego, look no further. We, poolcontractor.com, link you up with the best pool service experts who conduct quality repairs. They work with any pool type and can conduct any type of pool renovation.

A Complete Homeowner’s Guide to Pool Renovation in San Diego, California

Indisputably, pool remodeling can cost thousands of dollars and involve a lot of planning. Fortunately, we match you with professional pool contractors who take you through a simple step-by-step process that will help you remodel your entire pool within a short period.

Are you ready to start revamping your swimming pool? Let’s get started!

Upon your first consultation, we connect you with highly experienced San Diego pool builders. Then they will try to find out your expectations related to the pool renovation. Additionally, they’ll take time to listen to all your requirements. Afterward, the pool contractors come up with a list of what needs to be done in your pool. For example, if you want to boost the aesthetics of your pool, they will install additional water features.

Moreover, they will give you the estimated project time and cost. More often than not, the pool builders will visit your property for evaluation. Nonetheless, note that the time taken to remodel your pool varies based on a wide range of factors. Luckily, we pair you with contractors who do their best to ensure they complete the project before the deadline.

Get the best pool resurfacing services from pool professionals

During a pool renovation procedure, here’s what to expect from the pool professionals.

Draining the Pool:

Once we link you up with a professional pool contractor, they first drain the pool. Contrary to popular belief, draining a swimming pool is not a walk in the park. It would be best if you had the right equipment and experienced pool service experts. When draining your pool, the pool renovation professionals place a submersible pump at the bottom of the pool accompanied by a hose. Then, they start draining the pool. Usually, this process takes approximately six to twelve hours.

The time varies depending on the capacity of your pool. The larger the pool, the more time is required to drain the pool. Once the submersible pump radiates a slurping sound, the pool contractors will unplug it from the power source. Draining the pool is essential since it allows the pool builders to start conducting the pool resurfacing procedure.

Chipping Out:

If you have requested a resurfacing job, pool contractors often start chipping out the surface. After chipping out the surface, they will prime it. It is important to note that there’ll be a lot of noise coming from your backyard at this time. After chipping the surface, they will remove all dirt and debris in the pool. Doing this will take them approximately half a day. Of course, the time taken will depend on the size of the pool.


After cleaning the pool’s surface, pool contractors usually begin spreading grout. You can choose your preferred pool resurfacing material depending on your taste and budget. Currently, there is a wide range of pool finish options. Some include aggregate, glass, and plaster. Each of them offers different functionality. A reliable pool professional will always help you choose the best pool resurfacing materials that provide maximum longevity.

Surface Application:

Once pool contractors apply the grout, they will mix plaster and pebbles using the right amounts. Then, the mixture gets transported onsite using large hoses. Then, the pool builders begin hand troweling the surface. It takes about four to six hours before they complete troweling the surface.

Pebble Application:

Then, the pool builders continue applying pebbles to the surface. Afterward, they conduct an acid wash over the pool’s surface. This usually takes several hours.

Adding Water:

After the acid wash, pool experts start refilling the pool with clean water. More often than not, they’ll involve you during this process. You have to be present during this process to make sure everything is okay. The pool water should reach the tile line halfway. Also, during this process, ensure the power source does not go off until the pool gets filled.

Best vinyl liner pool replacement services in San Diego

Vinyl liner pools are popular among a majority of homeowners due to their affordability and excellent functionality. However, these pools are more susceptible to wear and tear. They usually incorporate delicate liners that are sensitive to temperature changes and abrasive chemicals. As a result, liners need replacement every four to seven years. The durability of your liner often depends on how you take care of it. Here at poolcontractor.com, we pair you up with the best San Diego pool professionals with extensive expertise in conducting liner replacement. They use quality thick vinyl liners that offer maximum durability. Here’s what to expect when working with these pool contractors.

When you contact us, we connect you to the best pool builders in San Diego. Often, they will request to see the pool. This way, they’ll know the extent of the liner damage. If the liner is not severely damaged, they might fix it instead of replacing it. When replacing your liner, the first thing they’ll do is take the pool measurements. Doing this helps them purchase the correct liner size.

Then, they’ll start draining the pool before they proceed with the replacement. Draining the pool is often conducted using a submersible pump. Once the pool gets completely drained, they remove the old liner using the right equipment. When the pool experts finish cutting out the old liner, they start fixing pool issues like cracked surfaces and broken floors. If there’s mold on the pool, they will spray the walls using a strong chlorine solution that eliminates all microorganisms in the pool. After this, the pool is ready for its new liner. So, pool experts will start installing the liner according to the pool layout. The pool professionals will complete replacing the liner in about two to five days. The process, of course, depends on the size of the pool.

Fixing pool cracks in San Diego

After some years of use, pools become more prone to cracks. Typically, there are two major types of cracks; surface and structural. Surface cracks are not severe; hence they can easily be repaired. On the other hand, structural cracks are more intense. Thus, they are relatively complex to repair. Fortunately, at poolcontractor.com, we pair you up with the best San Diego pool renovation experts who can fix any type of crack. Below are some of the ways they fix pool cracks.

A Complete Homeowner’s Guide to Pool Renovation in San Diego, California

Staple technique

Fixing the pool using staples is a great way to repair cracks that run along the pool wall. In this technique, the experts make a horizontal cut on every foot. Then, they drill holes on both sides of the crack. Carbon fiber or steel staple is then put into place. Doing this brings the pool wall back in place. The best thing about the contractors we choose for you is that they source the staples from dependable manufacturers. They use staples to fix surface repairs. All in all, staples serve as a permanent repair method for surface cracks.

Using epoxy injection

If you have a structural crack in your pool, pool experts usually advise fixing it using epoxy injection. Epoxy is a sealant that fills the entire crack and joins it back together. When applying epoxy, the pool experts shoot this product under high pressure. Doing this fills the entire crack. At times, pool professionals will use epoxy in conjunction with the staple method. It all depends on the type of repair procedure your pool needs.

Removing pool stains

Pool stains are often caused by dirt and metals. Pool stains distort the appealing nature of your pool. Therefore, if you ever experience this problem, ensure you hire a dependable pool service expert to get rid of these pool stains. Here at pool contractors.com, we connect you to the best pool professionals who use the best techniques to remove pool stains. Usually, they conduct an acid wash in your pool. Consequently, they ensure you have crystal clear pool water at the end of the day.

Fixing copper plumbing damage

Copper is a popular material used in pool plumbing. Nonetheless, copper tends to wear out after some time. And this can interfere with your overall plumbing system. Fortunately, pool service technicians can help you save your pool by fixing all the problems in your plumbing system. Also, if there’s any replacement that needs to be done in the copper plumbing system, they’ll fix it.

Hire the best pool renovation experts in San Diego

Typically, swimming pools become more susceptible to damage after years of use. Therefore, pool owners are usually forced to conduct pool remodeling services. If you are looking for any pool renovation services in San Diego, poolcontractor.com has got you covered. We connect you to the best pool professionals who deliver quality revamping procedures.

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